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What is Two Way Voice?

Two Way Voice offers two way communications via your alarm system from anywhere in your home. When your alarm is activated, a central station operator can talk to you, and provide continuous communication until the proper authorities arrive to provide assistance.

Benefits of Two Way Voice Systems

» Fire - If a family member is trapped inside the house, the central station operator can alert the fire department and provide the exact location and condition of the person trapped. The central station operator can also stay in constant contact, providing support to the victim and updated information to the fire department. When the fire department arrives, they are well aware of the situation and can respond without any guesswork.

» Medical - Most accidents occur in the home. If a family member has a serious accident or a serious medical problem, simply push the panic button and you can immediately talk directly to the central station operator. Two-Way Voice allows you to remain close to your injured family member and give details to the central station operator without having to juggle a telephone. The operator will contact the proper authorities and inform them of the condition of the person and where they are located in the house. When the paramedics arrive, they already know what the problem is and what is needed to treat the victim.

» Burglary - If someone breaks into your home while you're away, (and ignores the loud siren from your alarm system), a central station operator is immediately on line. The operator will announce "Emergency Response Center, please identify yourself," usually frightening any burglar away.

» Do you have to string a bunch of wires and microphones all over my house?
No! There is one speaker and one microphone in the center of the house.

» Does this mean the central station can listen in at anytime?
No! The alarm system from your home must send a signal before the central station operator can communicate with you.