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Control Panels
Concord Express Integrated Hardwire / Wireless Security

FREE 16 Zone Receiver with every unit!
Part no: 60-806-95R-16Z
Concord Express is a hardwire system integrating ITI wireless for the cost of a traditional hardwire panel. Even for typical hardwire installations, such as new construction, keychain touchpads and other wireless components add value to the system and profits to your bottom line.

· 6 hardwire and 16 wireless zones standard; can use up to 24 zones in any combination of hardwire and wireless
· 2 onboard programmable outputs
· 2- and 4- wire smoke detector compatibility
· Compatable with all ITI wireless Learn Mode™ sensors
· 16 user-programmable access codes with user-programmable authority levels
· Latchkey numeric paging
· 50-event history buffer
· SIA False Alarm Reduction features

· Color: Belgian Gray
· Dimensions: 9.0" wide, 11.0" high, 3.0" deep
· Power Supply: Class II, 16.5 VAC, 25 VA, 60 Hz
· Auxiliary Power Output: 750 mA continuous power; 1.25 amps at alarm output
· Battery backup: 12 VDC, 4 Ah, sealed, lead-acid
· Installation:Wall mounting
· Programming: SuperBus 2000 Alphanumeric Touchpads, ITI ToolBox® software (v4.2 or higher)
· Reporting: SIA Digital II or Contact ID
· Compatibility: All ITI Learn Mode crystal and SAW sensors

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