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With six zones and 5800 wireless zone expansion, the VISTA-10SE is the industry’s most economical and sophisticated panel with light and appliance control.
Features (pdf)
Owner's Manual (pdf)

Dependable features to meet your most demanding installations:
· Six hardwired zones standard
· Expands to 22 total zones when using 5800 wireless
· Seven user codes
· Two-method downloading
· Supports up to four relays
· False alarm prevention features
· Fast and easy E2 programming mode

End users will appreciate the easy-to-use convenience and control features of the VISTA-10SE:
· Wireless Remote Control - 5804 Four-Button Wireless Key, 5804BDV Bi-Directional Wireless Key with system status feedback or 5804WATCH Four-Button Wireless Key
· Single or Dual Button Wireless Personal Panic: 5802MN and 5802MN2
· Home Automation: Activates lights, appliances, garage doors, and numerous other devices
· VISTA Interactive Phone Module (VIP): Gives the end user control of their system from any touchtone phone; the · 4286 VIP Module responds in clear English, with over a 100 word vocabulary
· Full English Display Keypads: Provides clear understanding of system status and zone locations
· Paging: Openings, closings, alarm and trouble messages can be sent directly to a pager, allowing system status to be confirmed; parents can use this feature to verify that their children have arrived home
· QUICK EXIT: Enables users to leave the house for a brief time without disarming the system

· 500 mA, Aux - 12 VDC
· 16.5 VAC/25 VA transformer
· Alarm output 12 VDC, 2.0 amps max
· For UL installations, combined Aux and alarm output cannot exceed 600mA

Output Control
· Supports one relay board (part number 4204) for four relays

Six hardwired zones
— Selectable response: 10msec, 350msec, 750msec
— Expandable to 22 zones using 5800 wireless
— 16 zone types to choose from
— Programmable swinger suppression

Supported Devices

Hardwired Expansion Devices
· 4204 supports up to four relays-15mA standby (each active relay draws an additional 40mA)
— 6160 | 6139 Custom English (required for programming) - 150mA/40mA, 100mA/40mA
— 6150 | 6128 Fixed English LCD - 70mA/40mA, 40mA/20mA
· 4286 VIP Voice Module - 220mA
· Four-wire smoke detectors

Wireless Receiver Systems
5800 receivers
— 5881ENL up to 8 zones - 60mA
— 5881ENM up to 16 zones - 60mA
All receivers support
— Diversity reception with two antennae
— Remote mounting for best location
— Unique supervision and low battery indications by point

5800 Series
— Three-Volt Duracell lithium batteries
— One mile range
— Tamper is standard

Agency Listings
· UL Residential Fire and Burglary and CFM

· Touchtone or pulse
· Formats supported
— HONEYWELL 4 + 2 Express
— Sescoa/Radionics
· 3 + 1, 4 + 1 and 4 + 2 reporting
· Reporting capabilities: Split, Dual, Split/Dual, Pager

Ordering Information
· Part No. VISTA-10SE
· Description Control Panel