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Powerful features to satisfy demanding installations
· 24 wireless zones of protection and one hardwired zone
· Four wireless keys that don’t require zones
· Real-time clock
· Full 16-button keypad with easy to read LCD display and status LEDs
· Wall or optional desk-top mounting
· 85db internal sounder with voice siren
· Internal speaker and microphone
· Supports up to eight X-10 devices
· Eight user codes
· 84 event log
· Fully downloadable
· Rechargeable battery backup
· Scheduling
· Voice siren
· Supports 5804WATCH
· Speaks zone descriptors during programming

End users will appreciate the easy to use convenience and control features of the LYNXR2
· Full voice response
· Family message center that records and plays back voice messages
· Bi-directional remote provides system status feedback
· Wireless, programmable remotes offer single-button system control
· Activate lights, appliances, garage doors, and numerous other applications with the touch of a button or at specified times
· QUICK EXIT that enables users to leave the house for a brief time without disarming the system
· Chime by zone, sounds chime and speaks location in plain English
· Paging capability for openings, closings, alarm and trouble messages; parents can use this feature to verify that their children have arrived home
· Single button operation, including paging
· Remote phone control

General Specifications
· Full function keypad with LCD display
· Built-in X-10 capability
· Family message center with voice recording and playback
· Single button operation
· Paging
· Multiple default settings for easy programming
· Full voice response
· Remote downloading
· Eight user codes
· 84 event log
· Chime by zone
· Real-time clock
· Scheduling
· Rechargeable battery backup
· RF enrollment speeds installation of wireless keys and transmitters

· Voltage Input: 9VAC from plug-in 15VA transformer
· Rechargeable Backup Battery: Six 1.2-volt/cell nickel-metal hydride rated at 1100 mA
· LYNXR-42 - 24 hour rechargeable battery
Alarm Sounder:
– Piezo = 6-14VDC, 30mA max
– Bell = 6-14VDC, 120mA max (e.g., HONEYWELL’s WAVE2EX)
· Long Range Radio: Rated 12mA@ 12-volt nominal (negative trigger signal)

Integrated Wireless Receiver
LYNXR2 receiver supports
– 24 zones and four wireless keys
– Two-way wireless devices with status feedback: 5804BD and 5827BD
– Diversity reception with two antennae
– Indications by zone and low battery indicator

Formats supported:
– HONEYWELL Express: 10 characters/sec, DTMF (TouchTone) Data Tones, 1400/2300Hz ACK, 1400Hz KISSOFF
– HONEYWELL Contact ID Reporting: 10 characters/sec., DTMF (TouchTone) Data Tones, 1400/2300Hz ACK, 1400Hz KISSOFF
– HONEYWELL Low Speed: 10 pulses/sec, 1900Hz Data Tone, 400Hz ACK/KISSOFF
– Radionics/SESCOA: 20 pulses/sec, 1800Hz Data Tone, 2300Hz ACK/KISSOFF. Can report 0-9, B-F.
· Line Seize: Double Pole
· Ringer Equivalence: 0.6B
· FCC Registration No.: 5GBUSA-25623-AL-E

Maximum Zone 1 Resistance
· 300 ohms, excluding 2k ohm EOLR

Physical Dimensions
· Width: 10-3/8"
· Height: 7-1/8"
· Depth: 1-3/4"

Ordering Information
Part No. Description

· LYNXR Wireless Install Security System
· LYNXRPK Complete Wireless Install Security System (with two 5816s and one 5890PI)
· LYNXR-CN Wireless Install Security System - Canadian Version
· LLYNXRPK-CN Complete Wireless Security System (with two 5816MNs, one 5804 and one video) Canadian Version
· LYNXR24 Wireless Install Security System with 24 hour rechargeable battery for UL residential fire applications
· LYNXR24-KT1 Complete Wireless Security System with 24 hour rechargeable battery for UL residential fire applications (with two 5816s and one 5890PI)
· LYNXRSP Wireless Install Security System with Spanish full voice response